Championing zero-carbon logistics in 2023

2023 is almost at a close and MIRP is forecast for another solid year ahead

In early 2023 a new intermodal rail service connecting the South to Scotland via the MIRP terminal was launched – raising the number of daily intermodal locomotives at MIRP to five. Further, in Q1 MIRP completed track alterations and repairs to facilitate access to the new MIRP terminal – Scotland’s carbon-free rail line to the future.

Championing zero-carbon logistics is our mission at MIRP, so in addition to removing more and more Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) from the roads by converting businesses and logistics to rail, we hope to place an order for a purely battery-operated railway shunting locomotive. In acquiring this locomotive to shunt and with electric locomotives already hauling goods over long distances, MIRP is on track to continue to generate important carbon reduction.

From a customer outlook, we’re hopeful that advanced discussions with Scottish exporters of spirits and water will see more freight move from road to rail through MIRP to the South, Europe and potentially China in 2024.

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For over four years now, PD Ports has operated a very successful intermodal rail freight service with direct connections from Teesport to Mossend. This route provides a simple, more cost effective and environmentally friendly route for European markets for Scotland’s imports and exports, whilst alleviating the already congested UK road network. As trade continues to grow and the requirements for more freight to be moved by rail, the new development at Mossend International Railfreight Park is both much needed and an exciting opportunity. It will play a significant role in transforming the modern supply chains into and out of Scotland and we wish the project every success.

Geoff Lippitt PD Ports