Mossend International Railfreight Park (MIRP) will open up transport and logistics opportunities across Scotland, the UK, and internationally. There are only a handful of sites in the UK with the potential for an integrated logistics hub of this scale, quality and economic significance in the UK.

For businesses and occupiers, it will facilitate access to zero-carbon supply chain logistics, as well as faster, more efficient and cost-effective movement of goods.


It also supports the Scottish Government’s rail freight strategy and its vision for a competitive rail freight sector to play an increasing role in Scotland’s economic growth.


On a regional level, it represents one of the largest investments by a private sector company ever recorded. It will:

  • Make a significant contribution to North Lanarkshire’s economy
  • Improve access and delivery times for businesses moving goods
  • Remove associated long-distance HGV traffic from the Scottish and UK road network
  • Create up to 4,900 construction and operational jobs
  • Deliver a sustainable green legacy for Bellshill and North Lanarkshire

On track for growth

“The Scottish Government is leading the way in support for rail freight with innovative regulatory targets to encourage growth and significant investment, including a £25 million ring fenced fund for the period 2019 to 2024, which will help to unlock opportunities for rail freight across the country.

“I recently had an opportunity to visit the rail freight facility at Mossend to see how work is progressing and hear more about how the ambitious plans for a bespoke carbon neutral distribution, service and logistic facilities could help to make Mossend International Railfreight Park (MIRP) one of the UK’s most advanced inland dry ports.”
“For over four years now, PD Ports has operated a very successful intermodal rail freight service with direct connections from Teesport to Mossend. This route provides a simple, more cost effective and environmentally friendly route for European markets for Scotland’s imports and exports, whilst alleviating the already congested UK road network. As trade continues to grow and the requirements for more freight to be moved by rail, the new development at Mossend International Railfreight Park is both much needed and an exciting opportunity. It will play a significant role in transforming the modern supply chains into and out of Scotland and we wish the project every success.”
“STVA are a specialist automotive logistics company now part of the wider Group CAT. We are unique in the UK industry being the only company that uses rail as part of the multi-modal service offering.

“We recognise that road is a very dynamic mode of transport and thus to survive, rail needs to constantly evolve and innovate in order to keep up. Mossend International Railfreight Park offers rail users the chance to run significantly longer and consequently more cost-effective rail movements to and from Scotland.

“This is very attractive in the automotive arena as trains tend to be relatively lightweight and length is generally the limiting factor. In 2020 the vast majority of new cars to be delivered to the Scottish domestic market arrive on a truck that has driven between 200-450 miles. We would like to change this paradigm so that rail becomes the first choice mode for long distance haulage. Mossend International Railfreight Park is part of a carbon-free jigsaw of innovation that can help to bring about this change.”

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