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STVA are a specialist automotive logistics company now part of the wider Group CAT. We are unique in the UK industry being the only company that uses rail as part of the multi-modal service offering.

We recognise that road is a very dynamic mode of transport and thus to survive, rail needs to constantly evolve and innovate in order to keep up. Mossend International Railfreight Park offers rail users the chance to run significantly longer and consequently more cost-effective rail movements to and from Scotland.

This is very attractive in the automotive arena as trains tend to be relatively lightweight and length is generally the limiting factor. In 2020 the vast majority of new cars to be delivered to the Scottish domestic market arrive on a truck that has driven between 200-450 miles. We would like to change this paradigm so that rail becomes the first choice mode for long distance haulage. Mossend International Railfreight Park is part of a carbon-free jigsaw of innovation that can help to bring about this change

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